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Future of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle


Date: 21st June, 2022
Time: 1500 Hrs BST / 1000 Hrs ET


Overview for Future of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle

We are in the process of changing how we transport ourselves and our goods. For the automotive and transportation verticals, business talks around automobile innovation, mobility, manufacturing, and supply chain are more important than ever. Vehicles are becoming increasingly automated, linked, electrified, and redefined. From the start, car connectivity is now considered a prerequisite. The transition to this smart, connected car is already underway, with the vehicle serving as our smartphone, map, traffic reporter, and personal DJ. The car is becoming a more personalised and tailored mode of transportation thanks to network connectivity, but there are still many hurdles ahead.

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report*, the automobile industry will be among the top four industries for 5G enabled service provider opportunities by 2030 as 5G networks are implemented. With the continuous rollout of 5G and availability to 4G LTE services, the connected car will re-emerge as a software-defined, network-aware, ultra-connected vehicle that will transmit data and "interact" with the road and other vehicles in its vicinity.

Data insights and analytics can be used to identify consumer needs and provide predictive maintenance with a 5G connected car. With a single Standard Level Agreement (SLA) contract, automakers can manage connectivity and costs. One approach for seamless connectivity for connected vehicles and seamless integration with key ecosystems is universal connectivity for automotive.

The next phase is an autonomous vehicle, in which the car drives itself, and it will ultimately rely on the integration of 5G technology into automotive systems. Some of the initial self-driving automobiles were not linked to the internet. To navigate the roadways, they depended on radar and pre-planned routes. However, most self-driving cars will be connected in the future because there are numerous benefits for a relatively low cost. These technologies will develop with time, new technologies will be launched, and cars will gradually undertake more and more driving.

To delve deeper into the automotive industry’s future, Group Futurista is happy to present it’s “Future of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle” webinar.

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Discussion Points

Progress with semi-automated/driver-assistance tech such as Tesla Autopilot What metrics the industry should share publicly in order to prove software is safe

Where automated truck and delivery robot prototypes are heading and what stands in their way

How to level up your test drive experience: an efficient approach using existing test resources

What automated road vehicle developers can learn from aviation and aerospace

Who should attend?

Topic We Cover

Autonomous Vehicle

Automotive Connectivity

Data Management

Intelligent Cloud

CV Platform

Clean and Sustainable Mobility

M2M and IoT Solution

Next Gen Technologies

Automotive Cybersecurity

Automotive Edge

Artificial Intelligence & Deep-Learning

Management Systems (AQMS)

AV Control Systems

Decentralized Computing Models

Advanced Drive Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Vehicle Sensor Technology

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication

Power Management



Robo Taxi

Ride Hail

Ride Share

Self-driving Truck

Self-driving Bus


Job Titles

CXO, Director, VP, Head, Manager, Specialist of

  • Autonomous Vehicle
  • Automotive Technologies
  • Automotive Manufacturing & Planning
  • Connectivity & Engineering
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure
  • AV Control Systems
  • Vehicle Testing and Safety Inspection
  • Crash Avoidance Engineering
  • Advanced Automotive Engineering
  • Equipment Design and Manufacture
  • CAV Development
  • Automotive Systems Architecture
  • Research and Development
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Systems
  • Connectivity & Computer Engineering



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