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Virtual summit

Future of Process Intelligence for Businesses


Date: 21st July, 2022
Time - 1500 Hrs BST / 1000 Hrs ET


Overview of Future of Process Intelligence for Businesses

Human beings are expecting continuous innovation and companies have to steadily transform to deliver in this increasingly agile and complex world. So how can companies realize their innovation potential? The foundation for transformation lies in the business processes. Business processes connect people, data and systems to help you become an intelligent enterprise. With business process intelligence, you will be helped to analyze, improve and monitor the business processes of your company continuously reinventing the way you run your business.

A company's potential to be fully aware about their processes is what we call process intelligence. Business Process Intelligence helps companies transform their businesses. In the last few years, every company was already on a path to transform their business. It is clear that no matter what industry you are in right now you will be in a digital industry in the future. It is not focused on the system transformation, like you may normally expect. It actually means to drive a holistic transformation also including the business processes.

A systematically collected data to analyze the individual steps within a business process or operational workflow is known as Process intelligence. Process intelligence software helps an organization in improving process management by monitoring and analyzing processes on a historic or real-time basis. It is especially used to analyze and manage non-linear processes that have a lot of dependencies. Business process intelligence is one of the ways to improve business processes using a big-picture view and deep-dive analysis. It also solves common process structuring challenges. It can be used to find root causes of bottlenecks and take action in eliminating those issues. One should have a good knowledge of process advantages and drawbacks for process improvement.

A number of questions often rise like, how to increase process intelligence and from where to start. The first step is to choose the right process discovery tool. There lies a number of things to consider when it comes to choosing a process discovery tool. They should be focused on a holistic process development. They should have the potential to collect the data without interrupting workflows. They should also be capable of turning the data into useful information like analytics, task maps, cost versus time graphs etc.

To know more about the upcoming advancement in the domain of the Future of Process Intelligence in Business, join us in our webinar, 'The Future of Process Intelligence in Business'.

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Discussion Points

Accelerating Toward Automation Value: A Guide to Process Intelligence.

Process Intelligence: Increased Visibility to Drive Efficiency & Productivity.

Mining for intelligence: Why business process intelligence makes for agility.

Business Process Intelligence – the key to effective workflows.

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Process Mapping

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Process Optimization

Process Analytics

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  • Process Excellence Technologies/Performance
  • Process Digitalization
  • Process Engineer
  • Process Excellence
  • Process Transformation
  • Process Analytics
  • Analytics


Priyesh Sharad

Chief Data Scientist- Business Growth and Automation at Workhardt Ltd

Katherine Campbell

Chief Digital Officer
Assurance Financial

Milan Baricza

Head of Operational Risk, Analytics and process Development at Intrum

Sid Dhuri

Head of Advance Analytics
Hiscox Ltd.

Luke Richardson

Product Evangelist

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