Future of Digital Onboarding and Customer Experience Summit for FI 3rd Edition


3rd and 4th SEPTEMBER, 2020

New York City (NYC), USA

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Why Attend Digital Banking Customer Experience Summit in USA

Future of Digital Onboarding and Customer Experience is a community-driven event that brings thought leaders of CX innovators, researchers, educators, and entrepreneurs who have a shared purpose for enhancing customer experience, Digital Onboarding, and Identity Management forms in the entire banking industry. Featuring world-class speakers, Case Studies, round tables, and Panel Discussions. This is a must-attend event for banking and fintech executives looking to drive secure, profitable growth through digital onboarding.

Biometrics in Customer Experience

In this technology-driven world, Biometrics are changing the way we connect and engage with our customers providing a seamless and “walk-through” customer experience has become a necessity of every banking industry. Personalized customer experience is possible through unified biometric technology, As Facial recognition is already unveiling frictionless personalized experience in multiple industries.

Gamification of CX

Gamification is the idea of increasing customer engagement by adding game-elements to products or brands. By using the elements of the games in customer experience, gamification has proven to boost engagement while onboarding customers digitally.

Omnichannel Experience

In today’s interconnected world, where banks strive to be present across all channels and devices, an omnichannel approach gives them the ability to be more cohesive. Being Digital has become the pulse of banking customers’ interactions, and it continues to influence their behavior and needs. Digital consumers are conscious of their banking options and can choose for a better-digitalized banking experience that can meet their needs and expectations. Providing an omnichannel approach that will ensure while switching channels from digital to physical, the customer receives a unified brand experience.


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Note : "The Event will be Conducted in English."
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