18th September, 2024
1100 HRS ET

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Future of EV Charging Infrastructure Virtual Summit (US Edition) is a 1-day networking event with revolutionary keynotes, case studies, and panels. It brings together experts from the fields of E-mobility, Innovation, Sustainability, Utility, R&D to discuss how E-charging Infrastructure will support the growth of E-mobility in the near future. A one of a kind forum to benchmark, to gain valuable insights about the challenges for building an E-charging infrastructure in a unified environment through smart planning with industry leaders from the field of Utilities & Power Generation, Transmission System Operators, Automotive OEMs, Oil & Gas operator and more

Availability of Fast Charging Infrastructure

With the onset of growing environmental concerns all over the world, the need for electric automobiles have risen and exists to grow in developed economies. For this, a global electric vehicle charging infrastructure is required to support the smooth adaptability of E-vehicles.
A promising EV charging network will provide the motivation to buy electric cars. Guidehouse Insights have projected the sale of plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) globally to be estimated at 23.1 billion by 2030. It takes for long-range EVs for about 30 mins to an hour to get fully charged, which is expected to become faster with new innovations.

Sustainable and Clean Energy

As the climate change hovers like a black cloud stressing us to take immediate actions, switching the dynamics to electric mobility could be the solution. Although, in most countries the development of the network is yet to be established, governments are seeking to expand and improve their networks.
Here the utility providers can take useful advantage in providing clean energy which is sustainable in nature, through fuel cell, battery, solar panels or generators to power the motors and make electric vehicles fuel efficient in many ways possible.

Investments in the Future of EV Charging Infrastructure Virtual Summit (US Edition)

To feed the growing need for electricity for charging stations, the local governments must spend adequately to install such networks across the countries. If the fast charging stations are equipped with multiple chargers so does the need to properly house the needed electrical capacity.
The installation alone may put a dent in the funds, for which the governments must do a planned execution. For the reason that reliable access to charging networks will ensure acceleration in the demand for EVs. Also, just like sharing personal assets with strangers can profit people (Uber, Airbnb), the same way "shared" EV chargers will ensure everyone can charge their EV.



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  • EV Program Managers
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  • Operational Research
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  • EV Charging Solutions
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  • Supply Chain & Logistics

Topics We Cover

Grid-smart EV Charging

EV Battery Factories



Wireless Charging

Vehicle to Grids Charging

AutoCrypt V2G

Renewable Energy

End of Oil

Grid Operations & Planning

Grid-scale energy storage system

Modelling & Grid Architecture

Real-Time Smart Charging Stations

EV Drivers Demands

Interoperability between EV charging networks

Reuse of EV Batteries

Thermo Systems

Lithium Ion Batteries

EV Fleet Management

Solar-as-a-service solution

Intelligent Charging Technology

Mobile Energy

Pod Point

Smart EV Chargers As-a-service

Shared Ownership Structure



Oil & Gas


Apartments and Condos Workplace


New Construction Utilities


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